Preconstruction is where the road to a successful construction project begins.  Preconstruction services are preliminary planning and engineering services offered by construction companies before a construction job even begins. 2K General Company will help the client determine if they can follow through with their construction project by partnering with you during the planning stage.

The pre-construction phase should give the construction team a clear outline to follow during the job. This process helps the client better understand the project before they even commit to any work being done. By being involved early in the project we can help our clients establish a budget and make recommendations to keep the design on schedule and within the set budget.

Preconstruction services include:

  • Preliminary Project Schedule
  • Preliminary Cost Estimate
  • Budget Control
  • Interactive Scheduling
  • Site Plan and Evaluation
  • Utility, Permit, and Zoning Procurement and Coordination
  • Construction Document Review Phase


Design-Build is a single-source project delivery system.  Some of the benefits of this project delivery method include fewer opportunities for errors and change orders, a guaranteed maximum price for the project is provided, and subcontractors are pre-qualified resulting in the highest quality work. Design-Build is often chosen to provide greater integration of the members and more control over project timing and costs.

2K General uses this delivery method to develop the most efficient and effective means and methods to meet the project goals.  Over the years, 2K General Company has built many strong relationships with architects and subcontractors.  These relationships have helped us to become one of the premier design-build contractors in central Ohio.  It is our objective to provide the best value to our client while remaining under budget and on time.

Construction Management

When you hire 2K General Company for your Construction Management needs you can be confident that we will provide a professional service with effective management of the project.

One of our main objectives as a construction management team is to establish the goals of our clients and to customize our services to exceed those goals.  There are hundreds of important decisions to be made throughout the duration of a project.  For that reason, 2K General Company will be there every step of the way to consult and make sure you are getting the best value and greatest quality for your project.

Some examples of 2K General Company’s construction management services include:

  • Development of Bid Packages
  • Evaluating Bids
  • Cost Control
  • Document Control
  • Safety Review
  • Supervision of Construction
  • Close out Documentation

General Contracting

General Contracting is a very widely used construction delivery method.  With this method, the owner will receive the best prices and the maximum bidder competition.

It is the job of the general contractor to oversee the day-to-day operations and to manage the subcontractors.

When it comes to general contracting 2K General Company brings its full experience and knowledge into collaboration with our clients from start to finish.  You will see 2K General Company’s attention to detail pay off in every facet of each construction job.  With over 20 years of experience, you can count on us to deliver the work on time, at cost, and done right. It is not only our goal to meet your expectations but to exceed them.